Tech Acceleration

Transforming your business with emerging technologies


About the program

The world is changing very fast and customers are becoming increasingly demanding. Transforming traditional business processes with advanced technologies is no longer a luxury but a necessity. However, many companies find it difficult to implement innovations. Such difficulties may arise from a lack of understanding of the scenarios for using a particular technology or a lack of sufficient competencies and resources to deploy the projects successfully. Tech Acceleration international program is dedicated for those companies which want to be at the edge of innovations, transform their business for the better and search for a technological expertise and help to implement changes.

If you have an idea for an innovative project or a business task that requires technological expertise, then the Tech Acceleration international program is for you.

What do we offer?

  • Visionary sessions. We will help you to understand how technologies such as machine learning, cognitive services or microservices can be used to achieve your business goals.
  • Support in implementing a pilot technology project. Working with your development team, our engineers will design your project's architecture, write the code and elaborate the scenario for further fully-fledged deployment.
  • Publicity for success cases. We will help to create awareness around our jointly implemented pilot projects.

Priority Technologies

Our program is open to any ideas, but we give priority to projects that involve the following technologies.


  1. You have a business problem that you want to solve with one of the priority technologies.
  2. Your developers are willing to work with our engineers to solve this problem.
  3. You are willing to share the results of the pilot project implementation.

Completed Projects

We have helped to implement projects for companies such as:


Participation in the program is completely free. Just fill out the application form and provide a detailed description of technology project that you want to implement.

We will contact you no later than three working days after receiving the application.